ARTERiA is the channel through wich real world artists enter the new world and it is the channel through wich new world artist make themselves known in the real world.

what unites them?





10 artists


10 screens

10 NFT

The Location

One of the most amazing palazzo situated in the center of Milan, Palazzo Visconti hosts only institutional and private luxury events.

Commissioned in the 17th century by a Spanish nobleman, the once called Palazzo Bolagnos, passed under various owners until it was bought by the Visconti family at the beginning of the 19th century, returning to its original nature as a noble palace.

Headquarters of the Carlo Erba Foundation until 1990, today it is an exclusive location for events.

About us

EMERGING TALENTS is Milan’s international fashion innovative platform dedicated to talented fashion designers. The goal is to give designers visibility, also in connection with major fashion brands.

Since 2016, the project has already hosted in Milan over 100 brands from more than 40 countries.

CRAFT SHARKS is the meta creators collective founder of ARTERiA.

Since 2022, combining their skills, they have been involved in supporting individuals and companies for the creation of NFTs, community conversations and virtual locations.

Always involved in the evolution of art, they also promote digital and non-digital artists, both in the Metaverse and in the real world, collaborating with the main players in the market.