You Challenged me

“Nothing is more precious in the world than life itself. No precious jewel or metal can compare. That is the concept behind this piece and in particular how life can come from death. Memories and experiences being reanimated through remembrance”

Billelis is a Digital Artist creatively addicted to dark imagery and adorned artistry. Currently based in the city of Edinburgh, he spends countless hours experimenting, learning and expanding his artistic skill set to create a personal style that can be best described as a dark, yet elegant, romantic fusion.

He has a keen eye for intricate detail, with a timeless palette, and his work has often been described as hyper-real. An evolving love affair between the visual balance of life and death, Billelis portrays his own fears and beliefs through the medium of decorated digital sculpture.

Equipped with an overactive imagination, a love of the macabre and a perpetual artistic hunger, Billelis aims to be a distinct source of

creativity and inspiration in the art community while questioning notions of life, death, religion and fear.